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Jun. 1st, 2006 | 09:28 pm

I haven't updated this in more than a year. I probably won't update it for another year =P

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Penguins are awesome

Jan. 23rd, 2005 | 09:57 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: Pillar-Holding On

Yeah, so I suppose I am do for an update? Yeah.

Life's been good, methinks. Nothing too much happening in my life as of right now, I suppose. I'm trying to make time to watch the first three seasons of Smallville and read all the Left Behind books and practice my guitar and memorize my monologue (which I should have had done already; curse my procrastination) and yeah. Luckily I have school off tomorrow lol. Gotta love snow days. But even though that sounded like a lot to me when I typed it, it's really not a lot haha. My life is a tad boring lol.

On the up side, I got to go sledding with T.J. and Jared tonight behind Super G (that's a weird store name. Where did they get the idea for it?lol) and stuff. They were freezing after like, two minutes and went in the car. That made me feel lonely, so I went with them lol. But I was REALLY hot because I was wearing two sweatshirts, two t-shirts, three pairs of jeans, four pairs of socks, and a big jacket. Oh yeah, I also had a ski-mask lol. But yeah, at least I wasn't freezing lol. So then after a little bit we went back to T.J.'s house and drank hot chocolate and had cookies and stuff. It was a happy time. So yeah, I just got home at like, 9:30, then came on the computer and decided to finally update because I feel I should do something semi-productive with my time for now...and now I am going to start to ramble, and if you have heard my rambling, you would want me to stop now...so I am going to. God bless!


P.s.-I should have a more thorough update later, if I don't get lazy. Yeah.

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(no subject)

Jan. 10th, 2005 | 11:12 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Pillar-Further

So anyway, I haven't updated in a while...again. My goodness I am not good at this.

So life's going good. Chrismas was very nice. I'm starting my guitar lessons soon :) This makes me happy. I've also got an ipod mini and a digital camera and a new guitar. Fun stuff. Christmas was a tad stressful, but it went well.

So um, I didn't do all that uch on the break haha.

Oh yeah, we had the lock in new year's eve. Much fun. Yep. Chimpage got kidnapped by BP though It's all good though 'cause we eventually got him back. So everyone was being crazy. Danielle D. kept running up and down the hallway lol, and the guys were wrestling in the foyer, and all sorts of stuff. It was cool. Oh yeah, Kelly came as well, and she enjoyed it muchly :) But when we got home, I was really tired, so I went straight to bed, then woke up at like, 1:00. Then I kept texting people so I could find Carm's number so I could get directions to his house haha. So yeah, I eventually got the number, and everyone was hanging out at Carm's for his birthday and we watched movies and stuff. We even watched some figure skating lol. So uh, yeah.

Then everyone was tired at church the next day. No surprise there. I felt horrible because I had the worst time trying to keep my eyes open haha. So yeah, then PoJo didn't really have a formal service for us that night, which was still cool. We were sitiing around tables and stuff instead of our normal setup. Then afterwards we went to the Meadows. That was fun stuff. So everyone said their goodbyes to Melissa as they left, then we left to go home.

So then umm...school started again, which is going alright. The only thing that isn't going alright is algebra. Shoot me. Anyway, so I had to stay after for algebra this past Tuesday I believe. I get it a little better, but I still think I'm not gonna do well. Algebra is horrible. Curses lol.

So thie Friday and Saturday I went to Sar's gramma's church with Whitman, Chris, Megan, and Matt. Really awesome services. Simply amazing. So yeah, then Saturday night, me, Sar's gramma, Chris, and Sar's uncle I think went out to a diner at like, midnight lol. I had chicken strips with honey mustard sauce and marinara. It was really good.

So then I got incredibly sick yesterday morning...so very sick lol, but I was only sick for about an hour haha. I woke up at 6 throwing up really really badly. I probably shouldn't have eaten that chicken so late at night lol. So I wasn't feeling ok at all lol. But by the time 7 came, I was perfectly fine. Go figure. I still couldn't go to church at all yesterday though, which made me sad. It's fine though, 'cause Wednesday isn't too far away :)

OH! I got to stay home from school today "just in case" I started feeling sick again, so said my mother anyway. So I woke up at about 10:45 and saw Dave in his room. Turns out he got sent home 'cause they saw he wasn't feeling well either. I believe I got him sick lol. So yeah...yeah.

On an awesome note, only 3 more days left in the school week for me, and then I get a 4 day weekend! That means the upcoming weekend shall be longer than this school week for me, hehe. I'm so happy lol.

Yeah, but I should probably get to bed now 'cause...I don't wanna be tired on the bus...'cause that's bad...and I don't wanna be cranky...'cause that's bad also. So yeah, I am done now.

God bless, guys!


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(no subject)

Dec. 21st, 2004 | 11:51 pm

"Listen up here's another lesson
Chapter 2 of this saga
Sparks yet another question
Are you doing just enough to get by
To try and fool 'em into thinking
That you live the right life
Or maybe thinking since you can't see Him
He can't see you
That's understandable 'cause
Then I used to feel it too
But we're responsible for every action
And like Newton there's an equal reaction

You're afraid of what it takes to give it all away
Doing enough just to get by, just to get by
Thinking that you live the right life

It's so ridiculous to think you all just hearin' us
If you believe it let it known y'all be feelin' us
Not just the sound but the Trinity in whom we trust
It's already known who in the end will be victorious
And like KJ it's a 12-round knockout
I'll fight to the end and I'll be the one to walk out
Step out holdin' up the crown like a title belt
It's one bout the devil wish he never dealt


It's all mixed up in your head about
What's wrong and what is right

What's right"


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(no subject)

Dec. 21st, 2004 | 11:47 pm
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
music: Mandy Moore and on Foreman-Someday We'll Know

In an interesting mood. Not bad. Just interesting.

Christmas is coming up quite fast, and I am not entirely sure why, but it doesn't really feel too Christmasy.

So yeah, things have been going very fine. School's been school. Not bad, but my goodness, it is boring Not really too much else I can really say there.

Oh yeah! I have a B in science so far this marking period! It's a miracle hehe.

Sunday was good. The choir sang, and we did pretty well. Pastor had a good message, as well. And I saw Melissa, which made me smile So yeah, that night was the contata. It went well. When we sang our last song (which happens to be our trademark song) "He Reigns Forever" Miss Lorraine had a bunch of people from the audience get up and sing with the choir. My gosh, it was crazy. It was really fun. So afterwards we went to Friendly's and hung out for a bit. That was a fun time.

"Alcohol. Fun to say, not to drink!"
"Yeah, just like...wait...no."
"Yeah, well how do you...never mind."

Good times.

So yeah, then I got home and didn't really do much for a bit, then I talked to Melissa for a while on the phone, then Dave told me to go to bed, which I did like, five minutes after, but unfortunately, I had a problem going to sleep, and the last time I looked at the clock before I fell asleep was like, 1:00 lol. So I was really tired yesterday. But it's all good. It was a fairly easy day.

Not much to say about what we did today, I guess. Pretty easy, other than the history test. It was on umm...the industrial revolution? I don't even remember haha. So yeah, when I got to acting, there were random choir kids there eating lunch lol. They were practicing for some performance they had tonight or something. So it was fun. Oh yeah, in health, we're watching "28 Days Later", and it's interesting. It's about this lady who is addicted to drugs and alcohol and when she is drunk she sort of drives into someone's house, and she gets sentenced to either 28 days of a rehab center or 28 days in jail. So she goes to the rehab, and yeah. It's pretty interesting. Speaking of school, I probably should have studied for my algebra test that I am taking tomorrow. It doesn't really matter, though. Even when I think I understand it, I fail. It angers me.


I got my new book bag today. It's mesh. Darn rules lol. But yeah, anything is better than my duct-tape book bag haha.

On that note, I should head on to bed.

Love you guys! God bless!


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(no subject)

Dec. 18th, 2004 | 11:40 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Kutless-Run

Woo! How happy I am Melissa got home today, which made me smile. I can't wait to see her tomorrow morning at church. Hooray!

Anyway, things went well today. I was a tad tired at choir, but it was fine. It was a fun practice. Rather long, but fun.

So the contata is tomorrow, and it shall rock. I'm going to be gone all day, though. I'm gonna be dead tired tomorrow night, methinks.

Speaking of which, I should probably go to bed now, but I am not sure if I feel like it. Oh well.

I think I should stop this entry now because I don't really have much else to say. So yeah. I guess I'm out.

God bless, guys!

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(no subject)

Dec. 12th, 2004 | 10:57 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Audio Adrenaline-Underdog

Things are goin' mighty fine, I suppose.

School's been normal. I have to do a skit this week. It's kinda fun. Maybe I'll post it later. Who knows?

Reggie Dabbs was at my school this past Wednesday. It made me happy "Ain't no party like a drug free party 'cause a drug free part don't stop!" How fun! Anyway, he was really good when he spoke at night as well. It was really cool. Had to miss church for it, but it was worth it.

So yeah, the Christmas play was last night and tonight, and I must say, I was a tad stressed about it because there were a lot of changes that seemed to be a little last minute, but things turned out fine. Hooray! Anyway...well, there's not really anything else lol.

So um, yeah.

Oh yeah, Christmas is coming up! It's going to be a nice one this year, methinks.

Also, if I am correct, then it is 6 days until Melissa comes back to Jersey for a visit. How happy

Yeah, so I am out I guess. God bless!

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Sorry for never updating, haha

Nov. 24th, 2004 | 11:08 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: Casting Crowns-If We are the Body

Haven't really been updating. I'm not wonderful at that. I am gonna try to type with home row. This'll slow down my updating process, methinks. Oh well, forget it haha.

Things have been going preety well, I must say. Got our report cards Monday. I got A's and B's except for Algebra lol. Got a C in that, but it's all good. I'm still doing alright. So uhh, this past Sunday it was Williamstown vs. Highland at youth group 'cause we did a mini wreck night. It was lots of fun Williamstown won, as well. Yay for the short week!

Yeah, I am gonna try to update more...yeah. Btw, for those of you that read this, these updates will most likely be exactly the same as the ones in my xanga, so need to look there(I am going to use it solely for the people that don't read my lj/don't have the link/my friends in xanga).

God bless, and happy early Thanksgiving!

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(no subject)

Oct. 10th, 2004 | 11:12 pm
mood: boredbored
music: Kutless-Passion


Within my mind's eye
Flickering from the past
Come images that terrify and calm
A paradox in me

Nail pierced hands they run with blood
A splitting brow forced by the thorns
His face is writhing with the pain yet it's comforting to me

He chose to give it all
Jesus endured the pain
Paying a debt I owed and created a paradox in me

Nail pierced hands they run with blood
A splitting brow forced by the thorns
His face is writhing with the pain yet it's comforting to me

And in my heart I know that you're the only one
Who could of came and died, a sacrifice
As your God's only son

Nail pierced hands they run with blood
A splitting brow forced by the thorns
His face is writhing with the pain yet it's comforting to me


Good song.

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(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2004 | 02:43 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: DcTalk-Jesus Freak

I wonder if this font will show up...hmmmm,

Anyway, I didn't get to go to church last night :( Sad indeed.Oh well.So I actually ended up going to Bianca's for a while to hang out.It was pretty fun :D So later I came home, watched TV, got a shower, then came on the computer.I eventually just went to bed because I was dead tired lol.

So I woke up today, did whatever, then went to church.Sunday school was fun :) So then I went to nursery, which went pretty well today.So I hung out for a few after church, then came home and watched Heavy Weights with my brother, then watched more TV lol, then came here.Yeah.

To Fred and Larry...

*gives them pudding*


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